New Study Raise Concerns About Safety of Pet Crates and Carriers

A recently released study shows that not all pet crates and carriers advertised as being safe for use in vehicles perform well in crash tests. There are currently no test protocols or performance standards in the U.S. to substantiate a manufacturer’s claim that their pet products are crash-tested and safe for use in vehicles.

The 2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Studies is a joint initiative of the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) and Subaru of America Inc.

2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Study: TOP PERFORMERS

  • Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate with 8’ Tie Down Straps – PET CRATE
  • Pet Ego Forma Frame Jet Set Carrier with ISOFIX-Latch Connection – PET CARRIER
  • Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed with PPRS Handilock – PET CARRIER


Center for Pet Safety (CPS)