One good way to judge a corporate-owned veterinary practice is by the person who is leading the corporate consolidator or hospital group that owns and operates the practice. There are currently more than 50 corporate consolidators operating in the U.S.

Study conducted by CARE for Pets™ reveals that the majority of veterinary consolidators are led by non-veterinarians. It’s estimated that 1 out of every 4 companion animal practices in the U.S. are now owned by corporate entities such as veterinary consolidators and hospital groups.


  • It’s estimated that the pace of consolidation will likely slowdown in 6-8 years because there are not enough private practices left to acquire.
  • The end of consolidation starts to happen when the corporations start buying each other.
  • The market will likely see 5-7 longer term ‘survivors’ after the consolidators buy each other.


  • The majority of the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) that lead the major veterinary consolidators and hospital groups are non-veterinarians.
  • Many of the CEOs have extensive experience with corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and high growth companies.
  • Some of the executives were previously PARTNERS at private equity (PE) firms which raise funds and manage these monies to yield favorable returns for shareholders, typically with an investment horizon of between four and seven years.


The CEOs stated below include a link to their corresponding LINKEDIN Profile page which will provide additional details regarding their previous employment history. Our analysis reveals that some of the veterinary consolidator websites fail to disclose a complete job history of their executive leadership.

  • Alliance Animal Health | Matthew Sussman (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • American Veterinary Group | Craig Niebur (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • AmeriVet Partners Management, Inc (AmeriVet) | Thomas Thill (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Animal Dermatology Group, Inc. (ADG) | Steven Mrha (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Avanti Equine Veterinary Partners, LLC | Andrew Clark, DVM (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • AZPetVet | Shannon Gillis (CEO) – LinkedIn | COMPANY ACQUIRED
  • Banfield Pet Hospital | Brian Garish (PRESIDENT) –LinkedIn
  • Blue River PetCare (BRP) | Dan Blumenthal (CEO) – LinkedIn Profile not available.
  • BluePearl Specialty + Emergency Pet Hospital | Nicholas Nelson, DVM (PRESIDENT) –LinkedIn
  • Bond Vet | Mo Punjani (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Cara Veterinary | Dr. Peter Brown (PRESIDENT) –LinkedIn
  • CareVet | Greg Siwak (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • CityVet | David Boguslawski (PRESIDENT/CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Community Veterinary Partners | Kevin Ruff (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Curo Pet Care | Jonas Pilkauskas (CHAIRMAN) –LinkedIn
  • CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets | Katie Brooks, LVT, CVPM (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Destination Pet | Dr. Jennifer Strickland Fowler (CEO) – LinkedIn Profile not available.
  • Encore Vet Group | Dr. Lance Sprinkle (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Ethos Veterinary Health | Ames Prentiss (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • EverVet Partners | Joe Luceri (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Family Vet Group | Chase Michalek (PRESIDENT/CO-FOUNDER) –LinkedIn
  • Galaxy Vets | Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • GoodVets | Ryan Joseph (CEO) – LinkedIn Profile not available.
  • Heart + Paw | Dave Lasus (CEO/COO) –LinkedIn
  • Heartland Veterinary Partners | Greg DeAtkine (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Horizon Veterinary Services | Alyce D’Amato, CVT, CVPM (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Innovetive Petcare | Mark Ziller (PRESIDENT/CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Inspire Veterinary Partners | Kimball Carr (CHAIRMAN/PRESIDENT/CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Lakefield Veterinary Group | Mollie Hoff (CEO/CO-FOUNDER) –LinkedIn
  • LegacyVet | Kelly A. Orfield (PRESIDENT/CEO/FOUNDER) –LinkedIn
  • MedVet | Dr. Linda Lehmkuh (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Mission Veterinary Partners (MVP) | Michael Aubrey (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • My Pet’s Vet Group (MPVG) | Bob Singleton (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • National Veterinary Associates (NVA) | Greg Hartmann (CEO) – LinkedIn Profile not available.
  • Noah’s Animal Hospitals | Dr. Mike Thomas (PRESIDENT) –LinkedIn
  • O’Brien Veterinary Group | Greg O’Brien (CEO) – LinkedIn Profile not available.
  • Old Brown Dog | Joseph Marchell, DVM (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • People, Pets & Vets | Chris Strong (CEO) –LinkedIn | COMPANY ACQUIRED
  • Pet Paradise | Fernando Acosta-Rua (PRESIDENT/CEO) –LinkedIn
  • PetVet Care Centers | Gino Volpacchio (CHAIRMAN/CEO) – LinkedIn Profile not available.
  • Rarebreed Veterinary Partners | Dan Espinal (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • SAGE Veterinary Centers | Gina Del Vecchio (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Southern Veterinary Partners | Jay Price, DVM (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Suveto | Marc Nathan (CEO/CO-FOUNDER) – LinkedIn | CRUNCHBASE
  • Thrive Pet Healthcare | Odis Pirtle (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • United Animal Care | Chris Viotti (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • United Veterinary Care | Scott Crawford, DVM (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Valley Veterinary Care | Wesley Godwin (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • VCA | Dr. Todd Lavender (PRESIDENT) –LinkedIn
  • Vet’s Best Friend | Jeff Wilson (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • VetCor | Chris Strong (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) | Dr. David Bessler (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Veterinary Practice Partners (VPP) | John McDonoug (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Veterinary United | Thomas Bankstahl, DVM (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • VetEvolve | Nick Lodestro (MANAGING PARTNER) –LinkedIn
  • VetnCare | Dr. Andrew Moffatt (CEO) –LinkedIn
  • Vets Pets | Steve Thomas (PRESIDENT/CEO) –LinkedIn
  • WellHaven Pet Health | Jenni Jones (CEO) – LinkedIn Profile not available.
  • Western Veterinary Partners | Carollee Brinkman (CEO) –LinkedIn

    Thrive Pet Healthcare appoints new Chief Executive Officer (9.25.22)

    • Corporate consolidator with over 350 primary, acute, and specialty hospitals, recently announced the appointment of Odis Pirtle as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).