The MISSION of CARE for Pets™ (a leading consumer advocate for the PET CARE INDUSTRY) is to advance the health, safety and wellness of all pets by improving transparency and accountability; and seeks to strengthen the human-animal bond to improve the lives of people and their companion animals.

CARE for Pets™ is the first consumer-facing website to advocate for transparency within the pet care industry. An increasing number of large corporate entities have entered the pet marketplace and our RESEARCH reveals that many of these big corporations fail to disclose their true ownership to pet owners.

As the leading consumer advocate for the pet care industry, we also cover topics and stories that are not adequately covered by the general news media and or may be avoided by the leading news publications within the pet industry (due to corporate or advertising interests and their impact on news coverage).

“The Internet’s Most Trusted Consumer Advocate for Pets”™

  • CARE for Pets™ (CFP™) provides UNBIASED consumer-oriented coverage of the pet care industry to pet owners, and guardians of companion animals.
  • CFP™ does not recommend nor endorse any pet products and or services.
  • CFP™ does not offer and or participate in any advertising partnership programs (partnership economy).
  • CFP™ is not registered with any affiliate programs which may offer commissions as compensation.
  • CFP™ is self-funded and does not accept contributions from individuals and or companies affiliated within the pet care industry.

CARE for Pets™ is owned and operated by the Watchdog Media Group™ (WMG) which is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Todd Nemet is the President and Founder of the Watchdog Media Group™ and has been involved in consumer advocacy for over 14+ years. In 2014, WMG launched an online News Blog for the pet care industry. In 2007, Todd Nemet founded (no longer in operation), a leading consumer advocacy website for the passenger ground transportation industry which was featured by many news organizations including USA TODAY, ABC 7 NEWS (KGO-TV San Francisco) and other major news publications.


“In order to accelerate positive changes within the pet care industry, now is the time to inform and empower consumers by sharing trusted, accurate and unbiased information and news.”


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