The Companion Platform™ (Companion™) is a growing set of online tools designed to help pet owners find the best possible care for all companion animals — searchable online database featuring information for pet owners relating to veterinary services. Companion™ is owned and operated by CARE for Pets™ — a leading consumer advocate for the pet care industry.


  • CARE for Pets™ has recently launched FIND,™ the most comprehensive and trusted veterinary practice directory of animal hospitals that provide emergency and urgent care — searchable online database. Our research reveals that many practices fail to clearly communicate their services as it relates to emergency and urgent care — may fail to disclose and or refer competing hospitals that are located nearby on their practice website.


  • CARE for Pets™ has recently launched VERIFIED,™ the first-of-its-kind, and only veterinary practice ownership verification tool for the pet care industry. Most veterinary practices acquired by corporate consolidators often retain their original company name and may purposely avoid corporate ownership identification — hide ownership.


When Minutes Matter: Proceed Immediately to the Nearest Veterinary Emergency Hospital (April 2024)

  • First-of-its-kind study conducted by CARE for Pets™ reveals nearly 1 out of 2 general practices in the Phoenix metro area in the state of Arizona fail to display on their website the nearest 24/7 veterinary emergency hospital within their contact list — increase in trip distance may result in a delay in care when minutes matter, especially in a life-threatening emergency.

Is Your ‘Local’ Animal Hospital Corporate-Owned? (October 2021)

  • First-of-its-kind study conducted by CARE for Pets™ reveals that the vast majority of non-branded corporate-owned veterinary practices in the state of Arizona failed to disclose the name of the corporation that owns, operates and or controls the animal hospital, on their individual practice website — may give a false appearance to pet owners that the practice is independent, locally owned and operated.