Vetted: At-Home Veterinary Care Platform Raises $3.3 Million

Vetted, an At-Home veterinary care provider recently announced that they have raised $3.3 million dollars in seed funding which will enable it’s platform to expand its services to new regions. Vetted januvia serves the West Los Angeles area with plans to rapidly expand regional in the coming weeks.

According to Ali Shahid, co-founder and COO of Vetted,

“89 percent of the issues related to vet visits can be treated at home including skin, ear, eye and gastrointestinal issues.”

as reported by TechCrunch.

Veterinary services performed at the pet owner’s home include wellness exams, non-emergency sick visits, vaccinations, diagnostics and treatment.


PRESS RELEASE: Vetted, the Rapidly Growing In-home Vet Care Platform, Raises $3.3 Million