Nationwide Launches VetHelpline, New Subscription-Based Telehealth Service for Non-Customers

Nationwide, the nation’s largest pet insurance provider, has recently LAUNCHED vethelpline by Nationwide which is a standalone subscription service that offers 24/7 expert veterinary advice to non-customers.

Subscribers have access to experienced veterinary experts at any time of day or night to answer general questions or identify urgent care needs through in-app chats and phone consultations.

Available subscriptions start at less than $10 per month and include: month-to-month, three-month, and six-month packages.

According to Nationwide:

Nationwide pet insurance members currently have vethelpline as a benefit included in their insurance coverage and will continue to receive complimentary access to the recently enhanced service now widely available to the general public as a standalone subscription.


vethelpline by Nationwide:

PRESS RELEASE: Looking for answers to pet health concerns, day or night? Nationwide® can help (9.27.21)