Pet Paradise Veterinary Care Rebrands Itself as ‘NewDay Veterinary Care’

Pet Paradise, a comprehensive pet care provider offering daycare, overnight boarding, grooming and veterinary care recently ANNOUNCED a change of brand name for its veterinary clinics. NewDay Veterinary Care (formerly known as Pet Paradise Veterinary Care) can be found at 24 Pet Paradise resort locations in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Texas.

Company plans to open 8 to 10 clinics per year, with the next location opening in Odessa, Florida this May.

According to Pet Paradise Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jaime Klimsey Pickett:

  • “As our offerings continue to evolve, our top priority is to provide our veterinarians, pets and pet parents with the highest quality medicine.”

According to the company press release, Pet Paradise stated:

“To prioritize quality over quantity, NewDay offers its veterinarians the flexibility to spend more time with each patient, rather than focusing on meeting a quota of patient visits per day. This personalized approach leads to better patient outcomes and stronger relationships.”


  • Common Perceptions about Corporate-Owned Veterinary Practices

    • DOCTORS SPENDING LESS TIME WITH PATIENTS: Doctors are under pressure to see high numbers of patients and may have less time for discussions with clients, diagnosing an illness, and recommending treatments to their clients.