PetSmart Charities Commits $100M to Make Veterinary Care More Accessible

PetSmart Charities, a leading funder of animal welfare, recently ANNOUNCED a commitment of $100 million over the next five years to develop and execute solutions to solving the gap in veterinary care access.

While affordability remains the most prominent barrier to veterinary care additional challenges facing the veterinary care system include the veterinarian shortage, veterinary deserts and cultural inclusion, economic challenges and regulatory difficulties.

PetSmart Charities has granted more than $500 million since its inception in 1994 and is independent from PetSmart LLC.


  • STUDY: Tackling the Veterinary Professional Shortage (March, 2022)

    • A highly cited study commissioned by Mars Veterinary Health (a division within Mars Petcare) stated that U.S. pet healthcare spending is predicted to increase 33% between 2019 and 2029 (approximately 3% annually).
  • An Economist’s Take on Keeping Care Affordable (12.13.22)

    • Are continuously rising prices in veterinary medicine inevitable, or is there a way to provide higher wages and better care while keeping costs reasonable? Economist Dr. Matthew Salois joins Dr. Andy Roark to discuss the economics of pricing in veterinary medicine.
      • Transcript Mark – 5:44 (YouTube): The average cost of veterinary care, veterinary services before COVID, we’re in the 3 to 5% range.
      • Transcript Mark – 6:02 (YouTube): Right now, we’re hovering around 10% or so on average in terms of year over year price rises in veterinary services, and like you, I still hear some of those stories from individual practices of saying, I rose my prices 20% last year and I rose them again another 20% this year.