Investigation Spotlights Rescue Groups Buying Dogs At Breeder Auctions

A recent investigation by THE WASHINGTON POST spotlights the practice of Dog rescuers buying dogs from breeders at commercial auctions. According to their research, 86 rescue and shelter groups in the U.S. and Canada spent $2.68 million since 2009 purchasing dogs at the nation’s two government-regulated dog auctions.

Most rescuers then offered the dogs for adoption as “rescued” or “saved.”

According to The Washington Post:

“About 50 of the 86 groups that the POST linked to auction bidders made no mention of auctions on their Web pages, 20 described what they were doing as “puppy mill rescue” or “auction rescue,” and 10 mentioned words such as “bought” or “purchased” at auction but did not say online how much they paid per dog.”